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shroomAzoom Sep 6 '14
Please be sure to check this topic often for details on how you can earn NWOG Bucks! Feel free to spread the word, or keep it a secret! ;) But really, spread the word!
shroomAzoom Sep 15 '14
Everyone who has an custom picture (avatar) on the NWOG website by Wednesday Sept 17 at noon gets 1 NWOG Buck.
shroomAzoom Jan 1 '15

Here's a New Years morning challenge for any of you...

Find a cache today and I'll give you 1 NWOG buck.
Do it again tomorrow, I'll give you 2 more.
Keep your streak going on the 3rd, I'll give you 3 additional NWOG bucks.

I'll keep giving you bucks if you can keep your cache finding streak going all through January. Over 500 NWOG bucks if you can do it. Just post a new post on the NWOG Facebook page* saying "January 1" and add a comment every consecutive day you find one.

Happy New Years. 

*If you don't do Facebook, you can post a new thread here and add to it daily as you find caches, or you can just email me and let me know how you're doing. :)