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shroomAzoom Sep 4 '14
A week or so on the Facebook group, I asked if folks were interested in getting NWOG tshirts made up. There was a really good response to it. So, I've asked three local companies if they could provide quotes for us. There were a few folks who mentioned they'd like to purchase local. I thought that was a good idea if the prices were reasonable.

First of all, here's what the shirts will look like (more or less...)

And we also had an idea to do a small run of pink camo (for those who would be interested...) 

Once I get a reply from everyone, I'll post what the different costs are and then we can start taking names to see if we meet the minimum orders. Of course, we can have a very small batch made, but there are price breaks when you hit certain amounts.

QandA Sep 13 '14
Are you setting up a sign up sheet? We'll take 2 or 3. If you post an order form we can fill out quantity, size and colour.
shroomAzoom Sep 13 '14
Sure, that's a good idea.

If you want shirts, reply to this thread with size, style (camo/pink camo,) NAME (for back, eg: SHROOMAZOOM, if wanted, otherwise specify NO NAME) and quantity.

When we have numbers, I'll go back to the local suppliers and get a firm quote. The estimates from the local places were coming in at $30-40(almost)/shirt. Way too high in my opinion when we can get them from the states around $22-27/shirt. The names on the back is a cool idea, but will add $5-10 to the cost.

Spread the word, let's aim to ask for firm quotes on Monday Sept 22.
shroomAzoom Sep 13 '14
1 Large Men's Camo SHROOMAZOOM
1 Medium Ladies Camo NO NAME
2 Small Kids Camo NO NAME
charmainea Sep 15 '14
I'll take a ladies medium with Mrs Beast on the back in the camo. Can't really hide in the bush with that pink on. lol
Abramobeast Sep 15 '14
Do they have to be Camo shirts? is it possible to get another colour?
shroomAzoom Sep 17 '14
Of course, they could be any colour shirt, but to keep costs down, we're going to stick with the two for now. In fact, if Jenn is the only one with the pink camo, she'll switch to regular green camo. The cost might be lower if everyone who was going to get shirts got the same camo colour, only because we might hit another break-point in the numbers. But we'll see what happens. :)
TheMarathonMan Sep 17 '14
Looks like the male shirt was designed by Hunter-Killer   LOL
Abramobeast Sep 18 '14
I guess I'll suck it up and order a men's XL with Abramobeast on the back. If that's too long Mr.Beast will do.

MsOfficer Sep 19 '14
Ladies - size small? - green camo - MsOfficer
shroomAzoom Sep 23 '14
Ok, here's what I've got so far...

2 QandA

4 shroomAzoom (et al)

2 The Beasts

1 Ms Officer


Keep in mind, this is just to get a quote. Is anyone else interested?

mannys Sep 23 '14
One camo large (Mr. BrowN)
One pink small (Mrs. BrowN)
gheiny Sep 23 '14
1 gheiny, green camo, if they have XXL
paulinec Sep 23 '14
I would like one....pink but if not in green (is there ladies' fit being ordered in green?)
GoldDiggers Sep 25 '14
1 xl green
1 m pink (would prefer a ladies med green if thats an option)
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Cachetrackerteam Sep 26 '14
I would like 2 large green if they are still available.
shroomAzoom Sep 27 '14
Ok, we're up to 17 and I think the Pepsis want one or two. I'll get the quote after the weekend, just in case we can get the order up to 20. :)
GoldDiggers Dec 2 '14
Wondering if there's any updates on the t-shirts?
MsOfficer Dec 14 '14