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shroomAzoom Aug 30 '14
So, has anyone here done a power trail? If so, I've got some questions for you...

1. What power trail did you do?

2. How many caches did you find?

3. How long did you spend on the power trail?

4. Did you enjoy your power trail experience?

5. What were the best things about the power trail?

6. What things were done poorly?

7. Are you interested in a local power trail? Helping set one up?

shroomAzoom Aug 30 '14
I've never really set out to do a power trail. But I've done some caching on a power trail. My experience of it wasn't that great. I understand the appeal of getting a lot of finds in a short amount of time. Numbers are attractive. I get it. But the cache quality was really poor. And the cache containers were all so similar. Even the hides were very similar. There wasn't much too it besides racking up the numbers. (For what it's worth, I'm thinking of the London Loop caches, but from what I hear lots of power trails are similar.)

Still, power trails appeal to me for some (numbers) reason. I'd like to explore ways to make power trails better.

mannys Aug 31 '14
Ive done 5 power trails so far.  I do enjoy them if they are done right.  Two of them have poor coordinates. 

Kenora Trails
Rush Bay Rd. Series 29/30 finds.  The trail was done well for the most part but some coords were off by quite a bit.  I only made finds for those one by reading previous logs.  As this is a long road its a driving trail so parking was a must.  The CO placed caches in locations where one can pull off the road enough.

Sure Would Series. 37/40 finds This series was actually pretty bang on.  I would recomend driving it during the winter unless you have an SUV or Truck. 

Red Pine Series. 20/25 Finds. This series was also very well done. Some of the caches were actually quite far off the road so one had to hike for a while taking away from the time caching.

All three of the previously mentioned series were done in one day.  I started at 8am and was finished by 1pm. ALL of the containers in those three series' were identical.  I had a few other caches before during and after each series included in that time for a total of 91 finds in 5 hours.

Simpsons Series.13/34 finds.  I have had very poor coordinates on this series and have attempted all 34 caches.  Some where probably pretty well hidden but Ive scoured certain ones to no avail.  This series is a thumbs down for me.

King Series. 18/102 finds.  I only had limited time so I think i only attempted 20 of the caches on this trail.  Overall it was a great experience.  Parking was excellent.  Although its a busy road i didnt have any issues.  Great Coords, variety of containers and sizes.  I would recommend this series to anyone.

And to answer the final question.  Yes I would be interested in having one and doing one locally.
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mannys Aug 31 '14
In addition... I think that making a power trail better is acheived by having a variety of caches containers, sizes, and difficulty (easier side).  Make sure that parking (even on the side of the road) is accessible (not on hills or corners).  and finally triple check coords.  If they are off and you cant fix it then move the cache elsewhere. :)
TheMarathonMan Jan 4 '15
December 28, 2014 - We (The Marathon Man, pnutbeagle, The Monster Beagels, CachingWithBeagles) did the King Power Trail just north of Toronto - 102 caches - took about 5.5-6.0 hours to complete

The cache names and descriptions were based on the King and Queens of England and Scotland right back to the 760's AD - lots of historical information

Lots of variety of caches types (Nanos to Large), difficulties, terrain - coordinates were all good - fun series to do

Series start with


Traditional Geocache

#1 King Offa

We have also completed Power Trails just south of Brandford and by Simcoe in 2009

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