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shroomAzoom Aug 30 '14
On Friday, September 19, I hope you're planning on joining me for a Fire at the Loch. The actual event starts at 8pm, but I was thinking that folks would want to meet at the end of Copin Road right after work to hike up and maybe get a couple caches on the way.

I'd like to try for Fox Mountain and maybe Lost Falls. The hike to the event won't take quite 90 minutes. I'm thinking that those of us who want to try for some caches can meet around 5:30? Anyone interested?

charmainea Sep 3 '14
Mrs Beast will be there for sure @ 5:30. Fingers crossed Mr Beast will not be working & can make it also
shroomAzoom Sep 3 '14
Yay! I'm glad to hear that both you and Randy will make it. Jenn is coming too. I think it's reasonable for me (as the guy who's hosting the event) to go for Fox Mountain and then head up to the event coords and get a fire going. Others can head forward to the Loch Lomond cache just beyond the event (or take a side trip to Lost Falls.)
autumnsday Sep 7 '14
I think we will try to there for sure. Just getting on to cachein and have some good ideas for interactive caches.so looking forward to meeting u there.is the terrain to much to bring my girl she's 3.the hike wont matter much qs she's.a.country girl and is use to walks on hiking trails.
Mechman Sep 8 '14
Not going to make it.  Will be in Red Lake! :-(
Abramobeast Sep 12 '14
Here is yet another opportunity to grab some geobucks but one will have to solve the riddle attached to access it!
shroomAzoom Sep 13 '14
Oh, and everyone has to collect dry combustibles on the hike in. I'm not packing in firewood, just newspaper and a single match. ;)
shroomAzoom Sep 18 '14
Looks like we might just catch some "nice" weather tomorrow evening. Or at least, the worst of it should be over. Hourly Weather Forecast

I'll make an announcement on the cache listing if it's thunder and lightning and the event gets canceled. If we do have to cancel, I suggest meeting at Cheers instead! :)

shroomAzoom Sep 19 '14
So, it looks like it'll be raining, but it doesn't look like it'll be thunder storms. I'll be at the end of Copin Road at 5:30. I'll have a stack of NWOG bucks too (for those who make it to the event coords.) Hope to see you there!