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shroomAzoom Aug 31 '15
Welcome to the Amazing FCC Race forum. Feel free to ask questions, or discuss as you wish! :)
shroomAzoom Aug 31 '15
A couple answers to a couple questions...

If you're not racing, do you have to hide any caches?

Nope, you don't have to. Just come out and find the caches that have been hidden by the racers, or others in the area that you haven't found yet.

Can I cache with my friend/children?

Of course! Parents/kids, put one of your kids/parents down on the registration form as someone you want to be paired up with. Or, put your friend's name down on the registration form. But most of you know each other by now, so throw caution to the wind and let the random number generator assign you some new friends for the day. :)

shroomAzoom Sep 4 '15
Alright, we've got enough participants to start. The first participants have been sorted into teams. How were the teams made? A combination of randomness, requests and maybe a little balancing by the organizer with a view to a few participants that I anticipate will be signing up soon.

So, now it's time to get those caches hidden. I'll contact the team spokesmen and let them know where to pick up their containers tonight! Have fun!

Abramobeast Sep 6 '15
Two questions
1. How do we want to phrase the cache title and..
2. What date do we tell the reviewer to publish the cache listings?
shroomAzoom Sep 6 '15
Good questions...

1. FCC RED 1 (for example)

2. Friday Oct 3 @ 6pm

Before you start hiding caches, be sure that you are coordinating with your team. Remember that you'll all have to work together on deciding what 9 of the 10 areas you'll have your caches in (for example, the BLUE team has 10 blue squares on the FCC map. The BLUE team has to hide one cache in each of 9 of those blue squares.)

To help you all coordinate, each team has been assigned a spokesperson. Make sure you coordinate with them. :)

RED: Dave (Mechman)

GREEN: Stacey (MSOfficer)

BLUE: Manny (Mr Brown)

MsOfficer Sep 11 '15
Team Blue went out as a group to hide the caches that way we were all on the same page. I feel like team green needs another member.
MsOfficer Sep 11 '15
Ps I'm team blue not green lol
Abramobeast Sep 29 '15
Hey everyone. Remember all those fun award winning Star Wars Characters that Charm made for our caching series. We'll  Charmaine has decided to put them up for auction at the FCC windup tailgate. All proceeds will go towards a future caching event for a hall or pizza or something like that. So come prepared to bid on your favorite characters and support the local caching community.