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TheMarathonMan Jan 10 '15
Watch out for fake trackable logs on you TB's and GC's

I get them a couple times a month - they are usually coming from Germany.

For example, I recently got 2 TB's discovered by

which I deleted.

He logs with the following log (translated from German): "Since I gather TB TB I have decided to log a par if the owner does not like this log can immediately delete it"

I looked at his profile earlier and saw that he had 2,915 trackables logged with only 144 geocaches found.

Within the past half hour he has had 1,000 trackable logs deleted.

They must be using a random tracking code generator.

This sure looks like an abuse of the geocaching website.

I am not sure now this can be reported.

MsOfficer Jan 13 '15
lol people have to much time on their hands... what do they gain by making false logs? zip.. weirdos
TheMarathonMan Jan 13 '15
Latest account is that this geocacher is down to "0" trackables.  All 2915 have been deleted

There are a lot of other geocachers like this, mainly from Germany