Spring Cache Challenge X


Spring Cache Challenge 2015
May 22–23 2015

24 hours of Geocaching fun in Thunder Bay. Starting 6pm on Friday May 22, start hunting for dozens of new geocaches hidden for the SCC. After 24 hours of fun, gather together for a pot-luck supper at 6pm on Saturday May 23. In addition to sharing stories, swapping trackables and getting hints on those tough to find caches…

Spend Your NWOG Bucks on Cool Caching Swag!

You've been collecting NWOG Bucks since last summer and you didn't know why. Well, get ready for the NWOG SCC Auction! Real cool prizes and geo-swag that you can win using those NWOG Bucks.

Some caches hidden for the SCC X will have NWOG bucks hidden in them for FTF prizes. There may even be a side “event/challenge” or two where you can earn additional NWOG bucks during the SCC.

Thanks to Our Prize Sponsors

Know someone who wants to donate a prize? Let shroomAzoom know!

Plan Your SCC Cache Hides Now

The SCC doesn't work unless you hide caches! Lots of caches! Lots of high-quality caches! Hide your caches within 30km of the intersection of Memorial Ave and the Harbour Expressway.

Please ask your friendly Volunteer Reviewer to publish your cache May 20th and be sure to get your listing submitted early so all the good spots don't get taken first.

Please put SCCX at the beginning of your cache name so it's easy for everyone to identify.

Bonus NWOG Bucks for Non-Micros Hidden Out of Town

To encourage hiding of caches, for the SCCX, I'm offering 10 NWOG Bucks for each non-micro cache you hide for the SCCX. In addition, if it's at least 7km away from the intersection of Memorial Ave and the Harbour Expressway (more or less, not in town) I'll give you an additional 10 NWOG Bucks for each cache hide.

Scoring the Challenge

It's not a Challenge unless someone's keeping score, right? If you're the competitive type, here's how you can earn points during the SCC.

Points for Hiding Caches

  • 5pts First cache hidden
  • 4pts Second cache hidden
  • 3pts Third cache hidden
  • 2pts Fourth cache hidden
  • 1pt All other caches hidden
  • -3pts Any cache hidden that no one finds

Points for Finding Caches

  • 3pts Finding a cache
  • +1pt Bonus for FTF/2TF

The List of Caches (as of May 20, 2015)

#Cache OwnerGeocache Name
1Q and A...Marks the Spot
2Q and A10 Feet Away
3GHeinyARRRR! Puzzles Float My Boat!
5AbramobeastBirchy Situation
6MissPaulina~Caché dans un arbre..... m
7poohmaCan you crack this one? m
8AbramobeastFunny Fungus m
9shroomAzoomHillcrest Park Photo Hunt
10MissPaulina~I could tweet about you all day....
11nivenkjust a phone call away m
12poohmaKeep it Clean
13Little-ChapLemon Hideout
14SNOW^MANLook, But Don't Touch
15MsOfficerMr Muffet's Ugly Brother
17MsOfficerNeedle In A Haystack m
18AbramobeastOH DEER!
19MissPaulina~Once was pink....now black
20JungleBusPipe Dream
21Q and AQ and A's Fun With Flags
22MsOfficerRabbit Poop
24Gold Digger'sSay Cheese m
25poohmaSelfie m
26mikegarbSnake Light on a Logging Road
27mikegarbSnake Light on Highway 527
28MissPaulina~Sodoku Challenge
29Gold Digger'sThe James Whalen m
30AbramobeastThe Willows m
31MsOfficerTree Stars for dinner
32poohmaTree to Tree m
34nivenkvroooom m
35JungleBusWater Level
36poohmaWin and Chester go for a walk m
38poohmaYellow or Blue
Gold Digger's211#29pts$10
Jungle Bus211#09pts30
Q and A303#012pts$60

For your downloading pleasure... SCC X Scoresheet PDF, Pocket Query, .LOC