The AMAZING Fall Cache Challenge 2015

Sunday October 4th from 1-5pm

Start: 1pm Location: Pennock Creek Trail Parking Lot, 25th Side Road (same location as event)

Wrap-up Event to Follow (GC62B6P)

This will be different from past Fall Cache Challenges. There will be caches hidden and ready to find by anyone who wants to participate. But for those who are up to it, this year's Fall Cache Challenge will have the flavour of The Amazing Race!

It will be an exciting afternoon of caching and adventure. After the FCC, we'll have a pot-luck, tail-gate to refuel, and talk about our adventures. I hope you're as excited as I am for this new FCC.

Click here to Register as an Amazing Geocacher!

Amazing Race Rules

1. There will be three teams, each made of up at least 3 randomly assigned players. The teams will hunt for caches and complete the team challenges as a group on "race day." The teams will be assigned a colour (red, green, blue) and will come up with their own team name. One participant from each time will act as spokesman for the team with the organizer.

2. Each team will be assigned 10 plots within the FCC playing area (see map.) They will pick nine of those plots (discarding one) and hide a single cache in each plot. Each team will therefore hide 9 caches. They will be traditional caches. They will decide among themselves who will hide how many and where, but I imagine they will try to share the work evenly. The organizer will supply each team with 2 large cache containers, 2 regular cache containers and 1 micro cache container. The remaining 4 containers will be supplied by the team and will be small, regular or large sized.

3. There will be three team challenges at pre-scheduled locations and times during the "race day." Teams will attempt the challenge on a first come-first served basis with a maximum time limit of 10 minutes. Teams that don't successfully complete a challenge may try again after any other preset teams make their attempt.

4. The race will be scored:
Each hide: 4pts
Each find: 3pts
FTF bonus: 2pts
Challenge: 0-10pts
DNF: If no other team can find a hide, the hider receive not hide points.

5. This is a human powered event. No cars, ebikes, etc. You can bike, walk, run, inline-skate, snowshoe, etc. The teams must travel and search for the caches as a group though. All teams must start as a group at 1pm and must return by 5pm to the event coordinates.

6. The organizer may hide additional bonus caches and may withhold coordinates until challenges are completed or until certain times. The organizer might add or amend these rules according to his whim. After all, he's a whimsical guy, so be prepared.

Click to view full size. Download Google Earth KML.

Team Red AlertBlue Rhino CrewThe Green Machine
Dave (Mechman)Stacey (MsOfficer)Manny (Mr&Mrs Brown)
Greg (JungleBus)
Tracy (JungleBus)
Teagan (Mr&Mrs Brown)
Randy (Abramobeasts)Lorelee (lboxwell)Pauline (MissPaulina~)
Shirley (Golddiggers)Jody (lboxwell)Richard (Scottsrule)
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