Fall Cache Challenge 2014

Fall Cache Challenge 2014 (GC5A1X4)

Sunday, October 5, 2014 ☆ 1:00–5:00pm with a Tailgate Party to Follow

Oil the chain on your bike, tighten the laces on your inline skates, dust off your running shoes, it's time for the Fall Cache Challenge! It's just like the Spring Cache Challenge only more laid-back and no internal combustion engines (or hybrids) allowed! Also, it takes place for four hours on a Sunday afternoon and it's confined to a neighbourhood in Thunder Bay.

FCC 2014 Area

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Please note the updated FCC area in PINK. You'll be looking for and hiding caches in this PINK area for the FCC 2014.
Caches submitted prior to September 10, 2014 that are in the yellow area still count, but no more in the yellow area.
Thanks Mechman (and others) for your call to sanity.

FCC Cache List

Download the Pocket Query or the Google Earth KML.

  1. Mystery"OP" Talk Abramobeaast
  2. MultiFirst Project poohma
  3. TraditionalCounterfeiters Q and A
  4. MultiBasics poohma
  5. TraditionalGoing Sumewhere Hot? Q and A
  6. TraditionalSpongeBob's House Q and A
  7. TraditionalMcIntyre River mikegarb
  8. TraditionalZoot shroomAzoom
  9. TraditionalFloyd Pepper shroomAzoom
  10. TraditionalAnother Knotty One Cachetrackerteam
  11. TraditionalCone Head Cachetrackerteam
  12. TraditionalTake 2, What's up Doc? GHeiny
  13. TraditionalKeep Your LID On GHeiny
  14. TraditionalIt's a LULU GHeiny
  15. TraditionalKung FU-The Novice Cachetrackerteam
  16. TraditionalD-Fents mikegarb