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NWOG LogoThe NorWest Ontario Geocachers is an informal group of geocaching enthusiasts from Northwest Ontario. In addition to hosting social events and geocaching games, we encourage the hiding of quality caches and promote safe, fun and exciting geocaching through all of Northwest Ontario.

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Don't forget to download an use NWOG Logs and NWOG Micro Log sheets/stashnotes when you hide a cache!



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  • Wow ... host an event, and then this place is left for the crickets...
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    Don't you just hate it when you forget to bring your gps with you...
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    FCC 2014
    Just so you know, the caches are starting to come in. I've added a little list to the FCC page on this site. Please feel free to spread the word (and ...
    Great video. I noticed near the end that noone was taking pictures. I kind on wish I took pictures a...
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    Oct 8
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