NWOG – NorWest Ontario Geocachers

The NorWest Ontario Geocachers is an informal group of geocaching enthusiasts from Northwest Ontario. We have members from across the north shore of Lake Superior, westward to the Manitoba border, hiding and seeking geocaches across the region.

In addition to social events and geocaching challenges, we encourage the hiding of quality caches and promote safe, fun and exciting geocaching through all of Northwest Ontario. We hope you find us to be a friendly bunch, and find a place for yourself among us.

While we used to maintain an active forum on this website we now have a very active NWOG Facebook group that we encourage you to join. If that's not your thing, please watch this site for periodic updates and feel free to contact us through email.

NWOG Stuff

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NWOGeocachers Highway CITO Event
(GC54FAZ) Wednesday, June 11

As NWOGeocachers, we are long over due to head out and proudly clean up our 2km streatch of adopted 11/17 highway east of Thunder Bay. Therefore, the Abramobeasts will be organizing this en-devour at the posted co-ordinates on WEDNESDAY JUNE 11, 2014 between the hours of 6:30p.m. and 8:30p.m. Please park on one of the highway pullovers on either side of the highway at the posted coordinates. Allow about 1 hour traveling time to get there and back from Thunder Bay.

Spring Cache Challenge 2014 (GC4XV6Y)

Friday, May 30 & Saturday, May 31, 2014

SCC 2014 Downloads: PQ KML ScoreSheet

Starting at 6pm Friday – Wrapping up 6pm Saturday

Join all your NWOG friends for 24 hours of caching craziness this May! How does it work? Before the SCC get out there and hide some caches (ask your friendly reviewer to publish them on Wednesday May 28th.) Then at 6pm on Friday, get out there and find as many of the SCC caches as you can! 24 hours later, meet at the West Arthur Community Centre for a potluck supper (beef on a bun will be provided as long as you have logged your "Will Attend" a week before,) and to find out who is this year's SCC Champion!

Do we score this challenge thing? Sure, if you want to! Here's how we'll do it…

First Hide: 5pts
Second Hide: 4pts
Third Hide: 3pts
Fourth Hide: 2pts
All Other Hides: 1pts
If No One finds your hide: -5pts

Each SCC cache found: 3pts
FTF/2TF Bonus: +1pt

Where can I hide my SCC caches? Anywhere within 30km of the corner of Memorial Avenue and the Harbour Expressway.

View SCC2014 Caches in a larger map

I'm ready to hide caches! What now? Once you've submitted your caches on Geocaching.com and the reviewer has told you it's ready to go and will be held for publication on May 28th, send an email to shroomAzoom and it will be added to a list on this page for everyone to get excited about! (You just need to send the name and GCCODE.)

1Don't Get StungPoohma
2Off the Beaten TrackPoohma
3NWOG #1Mr&MrsBrown
6I'm a Little Watering canAbramobeast
7Hollywood Squares - NWOGeocaching StarsAbramobeast
9It's a Mean One, Mr. GrinchQ and A
10Rock OnThe Pepsis
11Movie Edition Mr&MrsBrown
12Up The CreekshroomAzoom
14Measure UpCachetrackerteam
15Totaly Tubularhunter-killer
16SOTC Police CarMsOfficer
17SOTC The SuspectsMsOfficer
19SOTC At the DetachmentMsOfficer
20SOTC The Crime SceneMsOfficer
21SOTC The ArrestMsOfficer
22String TheoryQ and A
23What's My Name?Q and A
24Snake Lightmikegarb
25Some Assembly RequiredCachetrackerteam
26Knot For YouCachetrackerteam
30Deer Poohunter-killer
31Deer Poo Twohunter-killer
32Mission Island MarshMr&MrsBrown
33Search For The SignsJungleBus
35DPR #8 - MutinyGHeiny
36Snake Light...In A Treemikegarb
37PorcinoThe Pepsis
38Rocky 5Poohma
39A View From AboveGHeiny
41Mr MuffetMsOfficer
42Over the LineGHeiny
43Does this ring a bell?GHeiny

Use this HTML to your cache listing to identify your cache as an SCC cache: